Virtual Evaluation:
$45.00 + Tax

Before enrolling in APEX Canine Training Academy program we evaluate the dog’s obedience, temperament, drive, strengths, and weaknesses.

It is an excellent way to set individual goals for each dog. We can identify areas where the dog excels and areas that need improvements, allowing you to focus on specific behaviours or skills in a training program that is specifically tailored to their needs and abilities. This customized approach leads to more effective and efficient training outcomes.


Single Private in Person Session:
$85.00 + Tax

In a single session, Apex can help owners achieve goals in a short period of time. The effectiveness of a single training session will strengthen the relationship between the owner and their companion. Throughout the single private session our trainer can focus solely on your dog, tailoring the training program to your dog's specific needs, behavior, and learning style. This personalized attention can lead to more effective and efficient training.

5-Session Virtual Training Package: 
$300.00 + Tax

Our virtual package offers personalized guidance customized to the specific issues you're facing.

Our sessions will focus on addressing behaviour challenges, teaching positive habits, and providing expert advice, giving you a stronger bond between you and your dog.

The convenience of virtual training and knowledge provided by our canine communicator coaches will lead to lasting improvements in your dog's behaviour and confidence. This all can be done from the comfort of your home.

The One-Stop Training Package:
$997.00 + Tax

Apex is bringing you the one-stop training package that covers the 5 pillars that will transform your dog into the best version of themselves:

• Basic Obedience
• Neutral Socialization
• Increasing Confidence
• Behavioural Management
• Problem-solving

Why our one-stop training package is the best?

This program will strengthen your dog’s obedience in your home and the outside world. You will learn how to teach functional obedience and the most convenient methods for managing your dog(s) with you, your guests and other pets. This package comprises 5 individual sessions (1 home session), 5 virtual sessions and 5 group sessions. In exchange, your dog will develop a clear understanding of your communication, even in highly distracting environments providing them with increased freedom and enrichment in life.

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In Home Session Service
(5 Sessions):
$800.00 + Tax

You can learn everything you need to have an amazing dog, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. This personalized approach ensures effective training for both you and your dog, creating a positive, comfortable and lasting impact on their behavior. 

Board & Train:
$4,500.00 + Tax

Our Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, and Behavioral Modification programs are one month in duration.

The Board & Train program provides a thorough training experience for your dog, blending progressive training sessions with a comfortable boarding environment. We will teach your dog how to thrive while staying neutral in stimulating environments such as public access places, outside of a dog park, guests coming into your home and many more. Whether you require professional training while you're away or prefer a focused and accelerated training approach, our Board & Train program is an excellent choice.